CULTURE & MÉMOIRE Vue sur le Château du HK
Explanations Haut Koenigsbourg, mention Volerie des aigles - montagne des singes The Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg, renovated in the 20th century, offers a remarkable vision of what a medieval fortified castle was, and one of the most exceptional panoramas in Alsace. Erected in the 12th century by an imperial Germanic family, it witnessed conflicts and rivalries between lords, kings and emperors over many centuries. Abandoned after 1633, it was offered by the town of Sélestat to William 2 of Hohenzollern, who entrusted its restoration to the architect Bodo Ebhardt. It's a must-see. Its exterior architecture is matched only by its interior layout and weapons collection, which transport visitors into a medieval atmosphere. To round off your visit, there are two remarkable sites in the immediate vicinity of this historic monument: Monkey Mountain and the Eagles' Aviary. The former is home to over 200 Barbary macaques, who make their home in 24 hectares of forest where they roam freely. The residents of the second site can be seen circling above your heads and the ruins of the Château de Kintzheim, during a performance with commentary by the caretakers.
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