CULTURE & MÉMOIRE Monument dedicated to Bartholdi

Auguste Bartholdi (1834-1904) created among others the Lion of Belfort (1880) and the Statue of Liberty (1886). He is, with Martin Schongauer, one of the most important artists of Colmar. The hometown of this international artist, Colmar, paid him homage in 1907, by dedicating him a monument in the park's water tower. Many personalities were there for the inauguration of this sculpture, created by the Hubert Louis-Noel and Antoine Rubin, former pupils of the master.

In 1922, a museum dedicated to the artist was opened in his birthplace. In 2004, for the hundredth anniversary of his death, a resin replica of the Statue of Liberty was installed north of the city in tribute to the artist. The sculpture is 12 meters high.

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