CULTURE & MÉMOIRE “Zum Schwan“ House (or Schongauer House)

The house "Zum Schwan" (the swan) or "huselin zum Swan" (the swan house), which is characterized by its oriel window and its carved lintels, is known for hosting the workshop of the artist Martin Schongauer of Colmar.

Martin Schongauer (1450-1491) was born in Colmar. He had a goldsmith father who had bought the rights of bourgeoisie in 1445. Martin Schongauer came back to Colmar after an itinerant training and a probable passage in Flanders. In Colmar he did one of his major works: the Madonna of the Rose Bush (1473). In 1477, he bought the house "Zum Schwan" to set up his studio. After his death, the house was given to his brother Ludwig, also an engraver, who lived there until about 1495. After him other artists occupied the house, several citizens, merchants and craftsmen, including a hatter, a pewter potter or a pastry cook.

2 rue Schongauer
68000 Colmar
03 89 20 68 92
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