Since time immemorial, BENNWIHR has been one of Alsace's oldest villages. In 777, its name was first given as "Bebonovillare" (Bebo's domain). The village's history, closely linked to Alsace's reputation as a wine-growing region, has long been turbulent. From the 30 Years' War, with its plundering and disease, to the Second World War and its almost total destruction, the face of this village has changed considerably. The darkest moments in its history came during the Second World War, during the fighting known as the "Poche de Colmar" (December 1944 to January 1945). Bennwihr found itself on the front line between the Germans and the Americans. The old village was completely destroyed and the population evacuated to Colmar and the surrounding area. In 1946, a temporary village of wooden barracks was set up before reconstruction in the neo-Alsatian style by architect Gustave Stoskopf. The same year also saw the creation of the cooperative winery, as the M.R.U. (Ministère de la Reconstruction et de l'Urbanisme) was unable to build a winery for every winegrower. If you push open the door of this cellar, you may hear about the legend of the Moon Hunters. Long ago, in the village inn, a certain Jean tasted more wine than usual. Passing by the fountain on his way home, he plunged his head into the water to regain his senses. What did he see? The moon reflected in it. He picked up the wicker basket and tried to catch it. He was called the Mondfanger, the moon catcher.
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